Attack Dice Simulator

Attack Dice Simulator

On this page you will find the attack dice simulator, which can be used to simulate the results of any attack pool for Star Wars: Legion.  Here is how it works:

You input your variables, including dice, dodge, cover, aim, etc.

The simulator rolls dice and applies the variables 25,000 times.

The simulator will spit out the percent chance of a certain number of hits/wounds for each target type (armor, no armor, red/white defense die, etc.), as well as the average hits/wounds for each target.

How to use the simulator:

Enter the variables you want.  Only enter variables into the green cells.

Push the “pew pew” button when you are done entering variables.



Surge: Hit, Crit, or Miss

Impact: Impact value of the dice pool

Pierce: Pierce value of the dice pool

Cover: Cover of your target.  Enter 1 or 2.  If your dice pool has Blast, adjust the cover value accordingly (i.e., just enter 0 into this field)

Dodge: Number of dodge tokens the target has

Aim: Number of aim tokens as part of your aim (if any).  Normally, this will be 1 (if aiming) or 0 if not aiming.

SharpSh:  Value of the unit’s sharpshooter keyword.  This will reduce the cover of the target.

Precise: Value of the unit’s precise keyword, if any.

Dice: Enter the number of dice of each type here.

Unit name: Whatever you want to name your unit/loadout that you are testing.


Without further ado, here is the tool:

Damage-Simulator-v2      ***Optimized by Screwtape

Please let me know if you see any bugs.

Important: Do not delete the Template or Calc tabs!